In 1980 Martinborough Vineyard established
The very first Pinot Noir vines in the region.

Picturesque vineyards with free draining soils, hot summers and reliable long, dry autumns make Martinborough the perfect region for growing traditional cool climate wines.

Perfect Climate
For increased
depth of Flavour.

Warm days, cool nights and low rainfall give rise to a longer ripening season, perfect for increasing depth of flavor. Cool, breezy springs, bring natural low yields and more intense fruit flavors. Mild summers with temperatures rarely above 30°C (86°F); gradually turn into dry autumns with cool night temperatures resulting in ideal conditions for slow even ripening.

Ancient Soils
Of the 20,000 YearS Old
Ruamahanga river

20,000 years ago the ancient Ruamahanga River flowed, carving out dramatic cliffs and forming alluvial river terraces. Silty loam was cast across the landscape greatly contributing to the ideal grape growing conditions. Free-draining gravels give way to low vigour vineyards producing greater fruit intensity.

Low cropped
and hand-tended
For healthy soils & Vines.

Martinborough Vineyards are low cropped and hand-tended, yielding approximately 300 tonnes of fruit annually and exclusively grown in the Martinborough appellation using a biological farming method. This method promotes healthy soils which in turn produce healthy vines, more resistant to disease and insects.

All of our vineyards have been certified as 100% sustainable.

Sustainable Approach

We strive to minimize or eliminate any activities that are wasteful or harmful to the environment so that
future generations can continue to enjoy our extraordinary landscape.

We have been tending vineyards and making wine in Martinborough for over twenty years. Our home is important to us, and we see our role as a caretaker of this part of the world. In addition Martinborough Vineyard is a leader in the New Zealand sustainable winegrowing program.


– Sustainable Winegrowing –

Preserving our environment
and the quality of our wine

Sustainable winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) was established in 1997 to help the industry elevate their performance in environmental, social and economic sustainability issues. Today, the SWNZ sets standards for vineyards and wineries that help preserve the environment and increase the quality of our wines. The group also manages communications with the public on the evolution and impact of our industry.


– Martinborough Vineyard –

All of our vineyards are sustainably farmed and Martinborough Vineyard Wines is Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand certified.

  • All estate vineyards used in Martinborough Vineyard wines are certified by SWNZ
  • All winemaking and bottling plants are accredited by SWNZ
  • Soil and vine tests are conducted by an independent expert who makes recommendations based on soil type and grape variety
  • Cover crops are planted to attract beneficial insects as well as to encourage nitrogen and other nutrients in the soil



  • Moisture in the soil is measured to determine the least amount of water necessary to sustain healthy vines
  • Irrigation audits are performed regularly

Weed &


  • The Martinborough Vineyard team is trained in pest and disease monitoring protocols.
  • Mowers dispense clippings under the vines to enhance organic matter in the soil.